Champions for Leaders and Workers

CHAMPIONS for Leaders and Workers

Our new Champions for Leaders and Workers program is the result of years’ worth of research inside of our firm working to understand how participants could better understand the SEFSAM material and bring it to their people. Champions for Leaders and Workers is your people bringing our SEFSAM fundamentals and Core Concepts to their people ultimately fast-tracking behavioral change which translates into improved overall safety culture.

As a business it is cost prohibitive and complicated logistically to try and penetrate multiple layers of an organization by putting everyone through our SEFSAM program; it’s just not realistic. Champions for Leaders and Workers is the solution.  We’ve decided to allow participants to use our GCLSE materials. Through a series of custom slide decks, exercises and facilitation notes provided to your team, you can take the learning’s from our SEFSAM program that have been reestablished through Champions for Leaders and Workers, and through the support of one of our coaches, share them with your people.

We have learned that virtual delivery can work effectively, and we know that getting a group of 25-30 people together in a room can be challenging. With Champions for Leaders and Workers we provide a coach that works with you for approximately one year to help your people deliver between 18-24 exercises to their team virtually (or in-person). These 10–12-minute exercises we provide paired with a coach’s instruction and guidance will allow your people to bring the material to life to the entire organization.

Champions for Leaders and Workers is not SEFSAM. It is SEFSAM’s key fundamentals, and reinforcement of our GCLSE Core Concepts along with their supportive concepts; that’s the big difference. There are instructional videos in every module that our coaches use to train your people so that they can deliver to their people effectively.