Super Charger FAQ’s

What is Super Charger?

  • Super Charger (SC) is GCLSE’s new “Leader and Worker Application & Sustainment program”.

What is Super Charger designed to do?

  • Super Charger is unique in that it has another 2.5hr classroom training portion for Workers which ties together several objectives of SEFSAM.
  • GCLSE provides Super Charger for Leaders and Workers our Super User lanyard cards which demonstrate the SEFSAM CORE and Supportive Concepts.
  • The 6 SEFSAM Core and Supportive Concepts become the learning objective for Supervisors, Managers, Front Line Leaders and Workforce to achieve.

How does Super Charger do this?

  • SC “Super Charger” is designed to bring the valuable Core and Supportive concept information from  SEFSAM or SEFL to all performers.
    • It would be cost limiting for Global to deliver the Safety Excellence materials to an entire client team from senior executive to all workers, but Super Charger for Leaders and Workers provides an ability for our team to “train your team” so all levels can collaborate and align to the same Safety Excellence Goals.
  • Our developers work with up to 500 people at a time (20% Supervisors, Managers and Front Line Leaders and 80% workers) utilizing the 6 Core and Supportive SEFSAM Concepts.
  • The developers ensure cross discipline use enabling Leaders and Workers to understand, align and apply and sustain new behaviours.
      • This ensures common understanding and allows for enhanced culture and behavioural improvements.

What type of exercises from SEFSAM or SEFL does Super Charger teach through our people?

  • The Super User lanyard cards have become our most popular tool which consist of three Core and three Supportive concepts.
  •  We have research from years of facilitating and coaching programs that validates which concepts are the most valuable when working with clients
    • Core Concept 1 – CAN/CAN’T/ WILL/WON’T© model
    • Core Concept 2 – CEFA© “Clear Expectations Feedback and Accountability”
    • Core Concept 3 – Errors 20% Erosions 75% and Violations 5%©
    • Supportive Concept 1 – Performance Improvement Feedback
    • Supportive Concept 2 – Pre-Job Planning and Work Execution improvements
    • Supportive Concept 3 – Open Ended Questions – Engagements
  • We have developed exercises tools and materials which are easy to use and allow for quick learning and integration between the workforce and leadership.

How long is the Super Charger program and what are the details to get our people signed up?

  • Every Supervisor, Manager and Front Line Leader enrolled in Super Charger has had to take SEFSAM or SEFL within one year of being enrolled in Super Charger.
  • All participants then attend a Super Charger for Leaders and Workers training program which takes 2.5 hours.
  • After the training program, up to 500 participants are enrolled under one Global developer who works approximately 6 months with your program participants.
    • The Global developer provides valuable support, assistance, guidance and resources while your people work together bringing the Core and Supportive concepts from SESAM and SEFL material to life.
  • Everyone works “together” to create one set of common understanding and behaviours from the 6 Core Concepts work.
  • Global developers ensure concepts are being communicated and performed well are continued and concepts that are not developing as others are slowed down and taught for clarity.

What sort of material will my team be delivering to our people?

  • Make no mistake, the full SEFSAM and SEFL materials will never be delivered by client facilitators, but specific and valuable information from our Safety Excellence programs and modules is provided to your participants so they can deliver CORE messages and keep Safety Excellence thriving through all organizational levels.

What benefits does Super Charger provide that SEFSAM or SEFL doesn’t?

  • Our Safety Excellence programs are second to none. There is no other organization with the track record of success Global enjoys. Global has realized over 20 plus years that participants attend SEFSAM or SEFL can and most often do change behaviours but they could do so much more.
  • Super Charger participants are most effective due to:
    • Super Chargers get our specially prepared Core Concept materials which is spread company wide through the workforce.
    • Your people discussing and collaborating our great materials, with our help in doing so, ensures Safety Excellence is always being communicated and performed for the improvement of culture and safety.
    • The investment of the original SEFSAM or SEFL provided the alignment to all attendees but Super Charger takes the alignment to everyone through your people.
    • Once participants complete their first cycle with their developer they can continue to deliver the messages time after time, month after month and the Safety Excellence principals become embedded within the culture without our involvement.
  • Super Charger is cost effective when considering large groups of participants can be assigned to one coach. Hundreds of Leaders and Workers utilizing the exact same materials with the aid of a Global developer.

How do I book my team into Super Charger?

• As with any Global program our team is here to help the booking process.